Welcome to Madhaus Toys, your online destination for toy collecting in Toronto and beyond since 2013. As a sole proprietorship, we’re proud to serve the local community while also reaching enthusiasts worldwide through our online platform.

Even though Madhaus Toys operates primarily online, our roots are firmly planted in Toronto. We understand the unique tastes and interests of our local community, and we strive to cater to them while also offering something for toy lovers everywhere.

While our storefront may be virtual, our commitment to supporting the Toronto community remains steadfast. We source from local suppliers whenever possible, ensuring that we contribute to the local economy and maintain our connection to the city we call home.

At Madhaus Toys, we believe in the power of toys to bring people together. Whether you’re browsing our online store from Toronto or from across the globe, you’re part of the Madhaus community – a community united by a shared love of collecting and play.

Thank you for choosing Madhaus Toys as your trusted source for toy collecting online. We’re honored to be a part of the Toronto community and grateful for the support of toy enthusiasts everywhere.

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